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The step-by-step, proven system
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Credit Mastermind with Sandy Smith

Do you want to understand how your credit works,
but you have no idea where to start?


I went from a 620 credit score to an 847 credit score and you can learn how to do the same.

My name is Sandy and since 2009, I've been working my way out of debt. When I started, I didn't have the luxury of even thinking about my credit score. In fact, I actually thought that my 620 credit score was pretty good. Boy, was I wrong and naive.

I first starting paying attention to my credit score as my debt started to go down and I needed to buy a car. Sure, I made enough money, but I didn't qualify for the 0% interest rates that were always advertised on television.

Why not?

It wasn't until the car dealer explained to me that I needed to have a much higher credit score that I finally realized the impact that my credit score could have on the overall cost of the things that I needed to buy.

That one incident piqued my interest and I started to research everything related to improving one's credit without a credit repair agency. What I found was shocking! No, you're just expecting me to say that.

What actually happened was that it took me a while to put it all together. I went to many different, reputable sources to find information and what actually made up my credit score and how I could improve my credit while minimizing the amount of interest and fees I paid.

For example, did you know just by just paying a little bit on your credit card early in the billing cycle reduces your overall interest? Who knew?! They didn't teach me that in school so I just paid at least the minimum by the due date. Not so smart.

Financial Educator

That's why I went back to school to become a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I wanted to learn what I could about credit, then I wanted to learn how to teach YOU everything that I had learned.

Mastering your credit doesn't have to be difficult, but it does take the one thing that no one wants to share with you - time. It takes time to figure it all out and then put what you've learned an action plan.

That's why I've made it all very, very simple for you. Not only will I teach you about the components of what does into calculating your credit score, but I'll give you actionable tips that you can begin implementing right away to turn your own credit around.

I've been successful at teaching people who know absolutely nothing about credit and finances, everything that they need to know to turn their be their own credit repair services, and I've done so for quite some time.

If you don't have the confidence to get started, I promise, you can and do this by yourself, and once you've learned everything, you will be the master of your own credit without anyone else.

Over the years I've developed my own system for teaching others about credit. Financial education doesn't have to be stuffy and boring. In fact, I've found that when I make education FUN, you have a good time AND you remember things much easier. So here's how I teach you about improving your credit.

I start with the very basics. It's kind of like learning the alphabet so that you can learn how to read words. I take us all the way back to basics by explaining each component that makes up your credit score. Oh yeah, and since you have multiple credit scores, I don't just teach you the basics the affect your FICO score, but your Vantage score as well.

Next we'll cover pulling and decoding your credit report. If you've ever pulled your report before but didn't really understand everything that you were looking at, this is a pretty important class. You can't fix your credit until you know what's on it.

If you do have erroneous items on your credit report, fixing them can have an immediate positive effect on your credit score. Do you know how to fix errors on your credit report? Don't worry, I've got you covered there too. I'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to get it all accomplished, with sample letters as well. It's pretty much fool proof.

Have debt collectors constantly calling you? Are you afraid of answering your phone unless it's from someone who you know? Then you need to know how to deal with debt collectors and how to get those accounts in arrears back on track. Do you know how to stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors? Don't know? That's why this class is important.

No errors on your credit report? Then it's time to move on to one of the most overlooked tools that helped me repay my debt quickly - balance transfers. I'll teach you everything that you've never learned about balance transfers and how I've managed to carry a high balance at a 0% interest rate for over five years.

Finally, if you're ready to enter the 800 club, this call will get you there. Once I crossed the 800 threshold, I took time to learn what had really gotten me there. Being rich won't do it. Having lots of money in the bank doesn't do it either. There are simple and consistent habits - plus time - that will get you into the exclusive club on the way to perfect credit.


You've been through this before.

jane You don't know where to begin

Jane is really excited about the idea of improving her credit profile. She's spent a lot of time reading blogs and watching videos, but even with all this knowledge, she doesn't actually know where to start. And worse... she feels like she's missing her chance.

sounds-like-you john Or you've tried and failed

John has tried every trick in the book. He's spent money on training and tools, maybe even credit repair services, but nothing gets him real results and everything about his credit is still a mystery. Everyone makes it sound like it should be so easy... so why doesn't he get it

Wouldn't it be nice to find something that actually works?

One that kills indecision by telling you exactly what to do next, every step of the way

One that explains everything, in detail, and doesn't make you search for things to fill in the gaps.

One that is achievable so that you can implement what you learn right away.

One that's pretty foolproof...if you can read, you can do this.

One that is "future proof" because once you've learned how to fix things yourself, you'll never be left behind.

One that is repeatable. This works every single time because you learn everything from the ground up.

I had a nearly $4,000 medical bill that went into collections and was killing my credit.

Sandy showed me what to do and how to negotiate so that not only paid less than half of what I owed but I also had it removed from my credit report.

- Kadeem B.

I'm not ashamed to say that my credit score was in the 400's just a few months ago. With Sandy's information and coaching my credit score is in the mid 600's in only 4 months AND I'm on my way to being a home buyer in another few months as well!

- Sasha E.

Your Instructor

Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith

Sandy has been a personal finance blogger, entrepreneur and small business strategist. Through her financial blog, Yes, I Am Cheap, she reaches thousands of people each month with actionable advice and tips.

Through her Facebook group and with individual clients, Sandy shares actionable small business ideas and strategies including her signature course, Starting Your Amazon Side Hustle.

Sandy is a Certified Financial Education Instructor who is also a Senior Certified HR Professional. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from St. John's University and M.B.A. from Devry University's Keller Graduate School.

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